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AgroWebLab Co., Ltd is a joint venture established by Israel BF, Anhui Longcom and Tai Nong with registered capital of 27,770,000 US dollars. Israel BF holds 45% shares, Longcom 35% and Tainong 20%. The headquarter is located at Taizhou agricultural development area in Taizhou China. Its subsidiary company AWL IL sits in Afula, Israel, composed of more than 30 employees of which R & D employees constitute 1/3. Most of the people in technical team are agronomists and experts on IT and algorithm analysis. AWL has the world-leading technology and focuses on R & D of agricultural internet of things, manufacturing and application, developing agricultural informatization system of high-tech and high-quality,

Israel BF is an agricultural company of high technology, mainly for vegetable seeding breeding and agricultural equipment manufacturing. Its unique technologies of GBI and plant sensing systems are world leading. Its fertigation control technology and technology on how to improve saline soil are also world famous and unique.

Anhui Longcom is a high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in technical R & D of internet of things, system integration and project construction. Premier of the State Council Mr. Li Keqiang, Mr. Wangyang, Vice Premier Wangyang and officials from State Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Science and Technology, etc visited and appraised Longcom highly.

Tai Nong is a nationally owned organization with registered capital of 727 million RMB, engaged in agricultural infrastructure construction, agricultural informatization construction, achievements transformation of agricultural high-new tech, investment and operation of agricultural projects.

AWL is dedicated to plant sensors, R & D on technologies, like GBI, BDI, etc. With the help of precise monitor on plants, soil, and weather, plant’s need can be met in real time. Application of IOT, cloud computing, data analysis in agriculture leads to precise management, scientific production, reducing cost and increasing yields.

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